Why It Takes a Professional to Conduct Divorce Appraisals

Why It Takes a Professional to Conduct Divorce Appraisals

TSpectrum Real Estate Serviceshe end of a marriage involves deciding who will end up with what assets. Some of those assets may need to be sold so the proceeds can be divided between the former spouses. Whatever the circumstances, hiring professionals to conduct Divorce Appraisals makes a lot of sense. Here are some examples of how a professional can ensure the value of all the assets is accurately determined.

Determining Current Market Value

As part of the process, professionals who conduct Divorce Appraisals seek to ascertain the market value of every asset the couple owns. In other words, what would the dining room set fetch if it was offered for sale today? What type of price could the couple get if a stock option was offered for sale right this minute? Determining how much those assets would bring in the current economic climate makes it easier to come up with a plan for dividing those assets between the two parties.

What About Future Potential?

While some of the assets are likely to decrease in terms of market value, others will appreciate in the years to come. An appraiser will also take into consideration what a piece of wall art could be worth five or ten years from now. That bottle of wine that’s not worth a great deal today could be a major asset a couple of decades down the road. Factoring in the potential for appreciation is also something the professional will project.

Setting the Price for Real Estate

One of the more common events with divorce is the sale of real estate. For example, the plan may be to sell the lake property and divide the assets between the former spouses. An appraisal of that property helps to establish the minimum amount the sellers are willing to accept. That information will be included in the type of settlement arrangement the attorneys will present to the judge.

If there is the need to determine the worth of various types of assets, visit Spectrum-re-services.com today. Arrange for a professional to check out each holding involved and prepare a listing of the estimated value. Doing so will make it easier to come up with an arrangement everyone involved can live with. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.