Benefits of Having Motorola 2 Way Radios

Motorola 2 way radios are a product of Motorola Corporation. The radios are available in a wide selection. Apart from such radios, the company supplies accessories to support their functionality. These accessories also form part of the repair and maintenance back up. The 2 way radios from Motorola are available in such a broad spectrum that spans from consumers at the individual, family and corporate level. In addition, there are batteries to replace spent ones. This ensures that your two way radio keeps functioning whenever you need it.

* Motorola 2 way radios vs. cell phones: In the recent past, there has been a trend where people are using two way radios more than the cell phone. A two way radio is more flexible and convenient than a mobile phone. Most employers and employees alike have discovered this. With a two way radio, you only press the talk button to activate communication. You do not need to load airtime neither does the radio fail to work for the same reason.
* Making calls for free: Following the realization that with Motorola 2 way radios DC employees can communicate for free, things have taken a new twist. You see, there is no way a mobile phone will work without airtime. In spite of the fact that the two communicating parties should have Motorola 2 way radios, employees can make calls anytime of the day. The airtime loaded on their phones remains unspent and can be used when one is out of range.

* Bands: With a 2 way radio, you have the option of using either of the two available bands. You can use the Family Radio Service (FRS) or the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) band. GMRS comes into play when you are communicating within a long range. This is usually a radius of two miles and beyond. FRS on the other hand, applies for a short range communication. This range is from two miles going down.

* Motorola 2 way radios can utilize either of these bands. They are also made in such a way that they run on both. As a result, you do not have to upgrade to a higher or lessor model in order to fit your communication requirements. If you need further guidance, talk to your Motorola 2 way radios DC dealer. He/she will be able to guide you on the right type of gadget.

* By-passing the mobile phone service provider: This is an important advantage. If you want to communicate with your family, a two way radio from Motorola will do the trick. In the end, you will not pay anything. That is airtime money saved for another day’s use. Think about it; and you can even sell this idea to your friends.

With Motorola 2 way radios in DC, you can complement your cell phone usage. No need to dump the mobile phone; just use the two gadgets side by side.


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