Tips for Selecting Los Angeles Translation Services

Translators and interpreters serve as the liaisons between a foreign language — written or spoken — and a business owner. Companies who wish to expand their market on a global level often find themselves in need of Los Angeles translation services to reach out to the countries they wish to expand to. Because of the importance of a translator, it is important to be sure to find the translation service that is the best fit for your needs.

Decide on Specifics

The first thing to know when seeking Los Angeles translation services is the specific type of translator you are in need of. Depending on the type of translation you require, it could be best to hire a freelance translator, or to seek the services of a translation company. Typically, freelance translators excel in tasks such as interpretation and assisting non-English-speaking persons with travel or other tasks that can be confused by language barriers. Translation service companies, however, tend to be a better choice for document translation, translating website content, or other more technical tasks.

Check Certifications and Experience
Make sure that any translation service company you consider is certified to translate and notarize written documents. Freelance translators can also hold certifications, but this is not always the case. In either situation, ask for references and a listing of past clients, and follow up with those individuals or businesses. Ask the translator for examples of projects they have handled in the past, specifically projects that are similar in scope and size to the one you are seeking Los Angeles translation services for.

Discuss Fees
Translation is highly specialized work, requiring a great deal of study and certification on behalf of the translators. In the realm of translation services, the general rule is — you get what you pay for. Quality translation costs a good deal more than mediocre translation, but is well worth it to guarantee an error-free translation. Be sure to understand the fees associated with your translation service up front, and to have a full understanding of what you will receive for your money in advance of the final product.

The Marketing Analysts Translation Service is a full-service translation company, specializing in a full spectrum of translation services ranging from legal document translation to business event interpretation.


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