Call Today for Bail Advice in Glens Falls, NY

Call Today for Bail Advice in Glens Falls, NY

When people are arrested on suspicion of a crime, they are taken by the police to jail for the booking process. During booking, the suspect has their mugshot and fingerprints taken and is given the opportunity to make a statement. While waiting for their day in court, the person is usually held in jail. However, they may be released on bail. In this brief guide, readers will learn about the bail bonds process and will get Bail Advice in Glens Falls NY.

What Is Bail, Who Can Receive It, and How Does It Work?

Bail is a financial agreement that secures a defendant’s release before trial. While most defendants are eligible to receive bail, those accused of very serious crimes may not be able to get it. The bonding agency will arrange the person’s release in return for collateral or money. The bond’s monetary value is determined by the court. A bail bond is a guarantee that the entire amount will be paid, but some courts accept a down payment of 10%. The bonding agency is responsible for ensuring that the defendant appears in court. If they fail to do so, the agency can hire someone to find the defendant.

Bondsmen and Bonds: What They Do

When a bail bondsman puts up the fee for the suspect’s release, they typically charge 10% of the bail amount. This fee is usually non-refundable even if the criminal case is dismissed. A bondsman takes out securities against the defendant’s assets to cover the bond amount. If the person lacks assets, the bondsman may accept securities from relatives and friends. If the defendant fails to appear in court, not only can the bondsman hire someone to track them down, they can sue for the bond money or claim the collateral.

In Conclusion

Being arrested is a traumatic experience, especially if it’s happening for the first time. Thankfully, bond agents are there to help defendants get out of jail while they await trial. If someone is arrested for a criminal offense, they should contact an attorney and a bonding agency as soon as possible. Visit website or call today for bail advice in Glens Falls NY.