Outdoor Patio Lighting

Outdoor Patio Lighting

If you like spending time outdoors, then you know the importance of outdoor lighting, especially for the patio area.

Outdoor lighting for patios is an essential addition to your back yard. It is important to choose the right lighting for your needs. Whether you are considering lighting for outdoor dining patio or an outdoor living area, there are many different types of lighting available to fit your needs.

Outdoor lighting helps to enhance your outdoor experience. The light will help to set the mood for your outdoor patio.


Outdoor lighting for patios has many benefits.

Adding patio lighting can add style to your outdoor space. Your personal style can be a reflected in the lighting you select. Homeowners can select anything from fun outdoor lighting to lighting that creates a romantic mood. Some lighting may even be interchangeable.

Patio lighting is also used for safety. A patio should have enough light so that invited guests can see the edges of the patio, any obstacles such as flower beds, and steps. Safety should be the number one concern for both homeowners and guests.

Types of Lights

The most common lighting for patios or decks are posts with lights. Many people prefer lit posts because they are simple and functional.

Step lights are usually placed on the risers of the steps to a patio. Some homeowners will even place them on a wall across the steps. While these lights can add some ambiance, their main purpose is for safety so guests will not trip over them while walking to and from the patio.

When adding outdoor patio lighting, place the lights strategically where they will be most needed.

Outdoor lighting for patios can affect the mood of your guests, improve the safety of your home, and improve your home’s curb appeal.