Determining how to Select the Right Stun Gun to Suit Your Purposes

Determining how to Select the Right Stun Gun to Suit Your Purposes

The world is a different place these days, and there are several reasons why people are justified in purchasing self-defense weapons. There are many types of weapons that serve specific purposes, but one has emerged among the most popular — the stun gun. Wherever you may find stun guns for sale, it’s also important to consider several factors before you make a purchase.

Why Stun Guns Are Popular

Stun guns are popular because of their effectiveness without causing permanent injury. The electrical shock produced by a stun gun temporarily disrupts a person’s muscular and motor functions while causing a substantial amount of pain. When an attacker is disabled, this allows for the victim to run away and find help. Many potentially serious crimes have been avoided with the use of these weapons.

How to Shop for a Stun Gun

There are several things to consider when selecting a stun gun. First, a weapon’s voltage is important. Stun guns vary in range from just under 100,000 to about 20,000,00 volts. Any gun in this range will have stopping power, but higher voltages have even more stopping power.

The size of a stun gun is important. The marketplace is loaded with guns of all sizes. A buyer has to consider how and where they may be using the weapon, and it is possible to own different sizes for different situations. For example, with the rise of road rage incidents, it is possible to conceal a larger stun gun within a vehicle. If you want protection while jogging in a park, then a smaller stun gun is easier to carry and conceal. The largest weapons are suitable for home defense.

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