Do You Have Surplus Electric Motors?

Do you keep a Reliance DC motor B5010ATZ or similar equipment in stock? It is important to have backup equipment so you can limit the amount of downtime required for replacement. However, some companies have more motors than they need, and they are just sitting and collecting dust. But what can you do about this equipment? Here are some reasons for selling surplus motors to a trusted provider.

Saving Space

It costs money to keep surplus equipment on hand. It is taking up space, which can often be better utilized. A Reliance DC motor B5010ATZ is large and heavy and space-consuming. Keeping these motors on hand can crowd your storeroom or warehouse. When you rearrange storage space, it takes special equipment to move large motors. You may want to consider selling your surplus equipment to free up more space.

Operating Expenses

How often do you take inventory of your warehouses? It takes time to inventory and track equipment like a Reliance DC motor B5010ATZ. Also, an inventory shows up as an asset, and you may need to pay taxes on your inventory each year. By selling surplus motors, it lessens your inventory load and may save on taxes.


Some motor suppliers offer a wide range of motors for your needs. In fact, they sometimes buy surplus motors, which are brand new. You can buy these motors cheaper than new ones and enjoy the benefits of brand new equipment. You can cut costs by stocking used or remanufactured motors, but if you can replace them for new ones (without paying new prices), it is a major upgrade.

Finding the Right Source for Your Motors

Not all motor suppliers are the same, and some give you more for your used and surplus motors. When possible, go with an experienced company who remanufactures to high standards and offers many choices.

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