The Versatility Of Baldor Electric Motors In Texas Industry

The Versatility Of Baldor Electric Motors In Texas Industry

When it comes to business growth and development, particularly in the industrial, manufacturing, and production areas, the state of Texas continues to have steady and significant growth. This includes established companies that are increasing production and manufacturing capacity as well as new companies and industries coming online.

In times of growth within an industry, companies always look to find parts and system components that are durable, long-lasting and offer specific features or functions that make them a better choice than the competition. For general use types of motors, companies in Texas tend to choose Baldor electric motors.

Proven Track Record

One of the reasons that Baldor electric motors continue to be a top choice is their proven track record. While they are also now known as Baldor-Reliance or sometimes ABB motors, with the new ownership of the company, these are general use, three phase or single phase motors that are designed to operate in any type of plant or environment.

The company offers models of Baldor electric motors that are fully enclosed, open, or even designed for hazardous use areas. Reliability and long life cycles are two of the key benefits of choosing these motors over other makes and models on the market.

Specialized Motors

While the general use electric motors are commonly found throughout the state and across the country, Baldor-Reliance motors are available in a wide range of different models and options.

The company makes a full line of DC motors, severe duty motors, variable speed, and vertical motors, as well as large synchronous motors. These motors are available with various features, functions, and configurations. Baldor even makes a line of motors that are suitable for use in washdown systems and a specialized line of HVAC system motors, making it easy to get the ideal motor for the application.