Facts You Need to Know About Carbide Burrs in Palm Coast, FL

Facts You Need to Know About Carbide Burrs in Palm Coast, FL

When it comes to industrial tools, none are quite as efficient and dependable as carbide burrs. These tools, also known as rotary files, are used for removing sharp edges or deburring material. Here are some useful facts about these tools.

Used on Multiple Materials

One nice thing about using a burr is the fact that it is useful on many different materials. A small sampling of the materials include steel, cobalt, nickel, aluminum, titanium, fiberglass, plastic, and wood. The cut of burr used will depend on the specific material on which it is being used.


A carbide burr will come in one of two cuts. The first variety is known as a single cut. This is usually used on metals and is considered a heavier-duty burr. It is useful for milling, cleaning, and deburring. The second variety is known as a double cut. It is sometimes called a diamond cut. It is commonly used for finishing, cleaning, and light removal of non-metal materials.


As with any type of tool, whether it is a power tool or a manual tool, you need to watch the pressure applied to avoid both damaging the burr and the material on which you are working. The burr can become damaged from too much pressure by smoothing out, thus rendering it useless. The material can suffer from obvious damage like cracking or splitting.

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