Pro Guidance on How to Plan a Stress-Free Wedding Reception

Pro Guidance on How to Plan a Stress-Free Wedding Reception

When it comes to events such as wedding receptions, you want them to be beautiful and memorable but you also want them to be as stress-free as possible. Believe it or not, the two are not mutually exclusive. Here are some prop tips direct from the experts on how to achieve the very best reception on your wedding day.


After deciding on the actual date of the wedding, the budget is the single most important thing to consider for the “big day.” No matter what anyone says, money matters, and nowhere is this most important than your wedding reception. A Lake Geneva wedding reception certainly does not have to be an expensive affair to be enjoyable. However, no matter what the size or the complexity of the reception happens to be, you will need a budget so that all matters are considered and will be able to be paid.


The second most important factor in putting together a wedding reception is where it will be held. Many people choose to have a Lake Geneva wedding reception. Aside from the gorgeous scenery, they choose this because the golf resort comes highly recommended by previous guests. You don’t even have to necessarily be into golf, the amenities alone will draw you in and make your special event something to be remembered.

If you are looking for one of the best resorts in the Lake Geneva-area to hold your wedding reception, look no further than Abbey Springs Country Club. Contact us today.

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