Find Reliable Family-Run HOA Landscape Maintenance Service in Scotts Valley

Find Reliable Family-Run HOA Landscape Maintenance Service in Scotts Valley

Even though it seems like it was just yesterday when one husband/wife team of landscapers opened their now thriving business, it has actually been a little for than 3 decades. This reliable family-run business now delivers impressive HOA landscape maintenance in Scotts Valley for properties located within the Central Coast region.

Discover the Ease & Convenience of Expert Landscape Maintenance

Many commercial property owners do not have the time or experience to devote to maintenance tasks on their outdoor locations. More area business owners are hiring a professional landscaping company that provides topnotch HOA landscape maintenance for Scotts Valley and surrounding areas. HOAs typically hire a landscaping service to maintain the outdoor lawns, prune trees, tend flower gardens and other duties. Any community use pools, parks or play areas are also usually included in the overall service.

What to Look for in a Landscaping Company

It takes knowledge, time, patience and skill to keep a property looking healthy and well-maintained. Some general landscaping duties include mowing, fertilizing and maintaining the lawn, keeping bushes and trees trimmed back and pruned when needed, sidewalk or other outdoor pathway maintenance, water drainage system installation and maintenance and much more. Look for an experienced landscaping service that provides the type of landscaping services that your HOA or other business needs.

Ask to See Current & Past Projects

It should ring alarm bells if a landscaping company being considered doesn’t have proof of past/current projects. Contact K & D Landscaping, Inc. at

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