How to Best Spoil Your Dog with Delivery of a Dog Box of Surprises

How to Best Spoil Your Dog with Delivery of a Dog Box of Surprises

If you are like most pet owners, you are probably always searching for a way to pamper your dog or cat. Specifically, a dog box gives you the means to reward your furry friend with a care package. Or you can spread holiday cheer with a gift for your friend or neighbor’s pooch.

What to Pack Into Dog Boxes

Many loving owners pack their dog boxes with treats or toys, but you can also choose a package with clothes, blankets, or food. The most effective box stuffers are nonperishable packages of treats and durable toys. Stuffed animals are crowd-pleasers, but many people would also appreciate a dog bed, water dish, or interactive puzzle. The collections that can go into dog boxes have no limits. You can also include accessories like collars, leashes, and harnesses.

Utilizing Themes

Themes for dog boxes are more for owners than dogs, but they enhance the fun of giving and receiving. You might choose a space theme or a Lassie set-up. Toys might reflect spaceships and toy planets or animal characters. You can reinforce the scenes through package decorations. Moreover, you can use the same garnish options to create innovative holiday themes and color schemes. Easter treats could mimic chocolate candies with the inclusion of stuffed bunny toys. Some themes do not have to be decorative but can center on training. Such collections might include training manuals, tidbit treats, and DVDs. You can construct your box of only treats or a combination of attractive items. Many people like the surprise factor of combining toys and treats or chew bones and accessories.

How to Buy

A box for dogs can be a one-time thoughtful gift or an ongoing subscription. Ongoing deliveries can occur on your schedule, whether once a week or only twice a year. Companies often roll out specific design choices during various seasons of the year much like stationary or placemats. However, you still have leeway to customize and make each box a unique experience.


If you want to find a dog box with appealing and surprising goodies that include fun toys made in the US, visit the pooch perks website. Choose from a multitude of designs and a monthly subscription or other convenient delivery means.

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