Five Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Coding Services

In 2016, total medical costs hit a record $3.4 trillion dollars, according to The Atlantic. That’s more than $10,000 per person in the United States, which requires a substantial amount of medical coding, processing and paperwork. If you’re a physician or manage a medical facility, you should consider outsourcing your medical coding services. Here’s a few good reasons why.

Keep Costs Down
For the most part, Medical Coding Outsourcing services will cost you significantly less than trying to go it alone. That’s because you’re probably not an expert on finding qualified coders, and it takes time and training to assemble an efficient team of these professionals. You’ll also have to pay competitive salaries and benefits to any coders you hire, as their services are in prodigious demand.

Reduces Errors
Most medical coders are educated, trained and certified in medical coding. This better ensures that the medical coders provided through the agency will minimize the number of errors on claims. And when you minimize errors, you and your doctors are paid faster.

Saves Time
When you use Medical Coding Outsourcing professionals, you can devote more time to each patient. This can enhance their quality of care and ensure they get the treatments they need. And if you manage a medical facility, you can spend more time on marketing your company’s services or managing the budget.

Make Patients Happier
Any time you increase the number of successful claims, as you will by outsourcing your medical coding needs, you’ll increase satisfaction among patients. In fact, you may want to conduct a market research patient satisfaction study before and after you outsource a coding team to ascertain how much these coders improve your business operations.

Variety of Service
Most Medical Coding Outsourcing firms offer many different services, including HIM and RCM Solutions, iCode Assurance, Risk Adjustment, Value-based Care and Patient Contact Solutions.

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