Four Obvious Signs That a Marietta, GA, Fence Is Overdue for a Replacement

Fences are of the highest importance as they conceal privacy and add to a home’s appeal. However, many people fail to properly maintain them, allowing them to reach a point of no return. Here are four clear signs that a fence needs to be replaced.

1. It Leans to One Side
A fence that leans is one that is on borrowed time. Without a steady foundation, it will give out at the first sign of bad weather or heavy contact. A reputable fencing company in Marietta, GA, can provide a more sturdy replacement.

2. Its Color Is Changing
When a fence begins to fade or change colors, the end result will often be inconsistent and less attractive. Though it is merely cosmetic damage, the alteration can easily take away from a home’s value.

3. Rust Has Begun to Form
Metal fences are tough, but rust is their kryptonite. Rust not only spreads quickly, but it weakens its subject and eats away at its surface.

4. It Is Rotting Away
When a fence begins to rot, there is no shaking back. It will continue to deteriorate until it is no longer functional. Enlisting the help of a trusted fencing company in Marietta, GA, is the best line of defense for such irreversible damage.

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