From Genie to Genius: Overhead Garage Doors Go High-Tech for Home Innovation

From Genie to Genius: Overhead Garage Doors Go High-Tech for Home Innovation

The first overhead garage door opener was a revolution in the industry, taking the strain out of an opening and closing the big, bulky doors and offering modern conveniences like a drive in, drive out capability to homeowners. A simple pulley chain system and torsion spring system is hooked to a remote connection could suddenly allow anyone to open and close their garage with just the push of a button. This is now a standard feature in most overhead garage doors and hasn’t changed much since it first debuted.

In the past ten years, garage door companies and homeowners alike have sought new designs and innovations in their garage doors and opening systems. From simply integrated multi-use remotes to high-tech materials and modern design features, there are so many upgrades that can make your garage door as tech-friendly as you choose. Even the doors themselves are high-tech, such as a garage door that looks like real wood but made of energy efficient materials that offer a high energy rating even actual wood can’t compete with.

Today, for many families, the main entryway to the home is the garage. It makes sense to invest in a door that offers all the tech-friendly features you want and need to increase your home’s value and improve your convenience. Some of the most popular tech-forward overhead door opener features include things like:

Power-free operation: Many modern openers operate on a battery that is continuously charged by the current running through the system. This means that when the power goes out, the garage door still works without the need for switching to manual operation.

Smart connectivity: Most modern garage door openers can work anywhere that there is an internet connection. Many doors and lights can be activated from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Modern openers can also be integrated into smart features that come standard on most newer model cars, offering more convenience than ever before.

Default automatic closing: Customized settings in modern garage door openers allow you to set a timer for your door to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally get left open. No more worrying about whether or not you closed the garage, because once you set up the system, it will automatically close after the designated amount of time has elapsed.

When it comes to overhead garage doors, Palm Bay FL dealers have a lot to offer. Today, high-tech features come standard in most openers and doors, but you can also inquire about upgrades that may be available when choosing your next garage door opener.