Getting The Best Clown Makeup For Any Occasion

Getting The Best Clown Makeup For Any Occasion

For thousands of years, people have been entertaining each other with jokes and humorous antics. They helped to bring each other closer together and to while away long evenings. Through the ages, monarchs and the wealthy high classes of various societies have had servants whose main or sole purpose was to entertain them. Sometimes, these servants had a deformity such as a hunched back or dwarfism, but other times they were just people who had a sense of humor and ready wit. Most of the time, these entertainers wore a peculiar costume that proclaimed who they were. Their job was to keep the nobility company, make them laugh and provide amusement for guests at feasts and other occasions. These jesters later came to be called clowns and became a staple of public entertainment, especially circuses. They were instantly recognizable by their outlandish clothing and colorful makeup. Over the years, the clown has evolved significantly and today, if you want to dress up as one, you have several options to choose from when you are looking at clown makeup, costumes and props.

Why Is Clown Makeup Important?

A clown is one of the most distinctive and recognizable figures in the world, besides perhaps Santa Claus. They wear clothing that is unusual and can be very colorful, shabby, or maybe both. Their makeup, however, is what really reveals their identity as a clown. They wear makeup that is usually comprised of bright colors, highlighting certain parts of the face such as the cheeks, nose, eyes and mouth. The most popular type of clown has a face that is painted white, against which the splashes of color around the features stand out in stark relief. However, there are other types of clowns that keep their natural face color.

What Kind Of Makeup Should I Get?

The type of clown makeup you get depends a great deal upon your own personality, as well as the function you are attending as a clown. Funny, entertaining clowns are one thing and you can create your own character with unique features and tricks to dress up as and delight people. However, there are also scary clowns. Dressing up and masquerading as a scary clown is popular around Halloween and carries several of its own delightfully horror-inducing possibilities. Whatever the occasion, use your imagination and do your research to find out what makeup is best for your clown character and most importantly, have fun!