Highlight Loved Ones’ Personalities with Help from Funeral Homes in Middletown, OH

Each person in this world is unique. Though everyone has certain similarities in common, the differences make people truly stand out. When a person passes on to the next life, standard memorial services fall short in showcasing the personality traits that set him or her apart in life. For this reason, Funeral Homes in Middletown, OH are branching out from the norm to offer several of options for honoring lost loved ones in distinct ways.

Memorial Slide Shows

Displaying photos of the deceased and his or her friends and family members at a memorial service is a time-honored tradition. These days, though, technology brings far more options to the table. Memorial slide shows are rapidly becoming a new tradition and give those left behind an opportunity to tell a more in-depth story of the person being honored and remembered. With digital images now being commonplace, creating a slideshow isn’t nearly as complicated as it once was, and there’s ample opportunity for uploads and edits to get the final version as close to perfect as possible.

Release Ceremonies

Post-service releases aren’t new by any means; in fact, the concept has been around for centuries. Now, though, people are taking them to new heights and stepping outside the box. Butterflies, white doves, balloons, and floating lanterns are only a few of the alternatives in this category. Let your loved one’s hobbies be your guide if a release ceremony sounds like a suitable idea for his or her memorial service. Drones or RC planes could even be used to carry meaningful items into the air. Funeral Homes in Middletown, OH have staff members on hand to help with coordinating the event if needed.

Personal Memory Tributes

People touch the lives of others in very different ways. Each person in your loved one’s circle is likely to have a distinct set of memories built throughout a lifetime. Consider having guests write down a single memory of the deceased that stands out in their minds. These can be written on anything from index cards to fabric squares, ceramic tiles or wooden cutouts. Later on, they can be transformed into collages, mosaics, quilts, and other keepsakes.

Outstanding people deserve extraordinary memorial services. At present, the possibilities are endless in this regard. Speak with a representative from Dodds Memorials to learn more about unique ways to honor a loved one when he or she passes.

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