Hiring A Defense Lawyer In Probation Violation Cases

Anyone who has had a criminal charge in the past is familiar with the way the legal process can take place. The jails and the prisons are overcrowded and the prosecutors in most locations will often look for opportunities to give the offender a chance to stay out of custody by putting them on probation in lieu of their jail time being executed.

When a person is on probation, there are invariably conditions set to which they must adhere. Administrative probation could be as simple as the offender agreeing to have no same or similar legal charges for a specified period of time.

A more intensive level of probation would require that the offender check in with their probation agent frequently, sometimes as much as once per week. These check ins can be done via phone or in person and there may be also requirements for random drug tests or other checks on the offender that the probation agent can use to ensure they are following their conditions as set forth by the sentencing.

When a person is found to have violated the conditions of their probation, a court appearance is set and a hearing is held before a judge. Depending on the previous record of the offender and also on what the probation violation was, the consequences can range from a few days in jail to revocation of the probation and ordered execution of the maximum sentence.

Philadelphia Probation Violation Lawyer clients have an attorney who fully grasps the implications that exist for these court hearings. Probation is a form of diversion for offenders and it is designed to give them a chance to correct their behaviors and stay out of custody while still living under some restrictions.

When the defendant is found to have violated their probation contract, the judge and the prosecution both see this as an indication that the defendant is not amenable to probation and would only be able to understand the consequences if the were incarcerated.

Anyone who has been found to have violated their probation would be wise to consult with an attorney who can advise them of their best course of action in the defense of their probation violation case.

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