Hollywood Movies – America’s Identity

Hollywood Movies – America’s Identity

Hollywood movies are famous all over the world. Maximum people know about these movies. Hollywood movies have set up many benchmarks in the history of cinema. Sound film development and motion pictures are few major developments made by this cinema.

What has Shaped Hollywood Movies?

The unique concepts, excellent animation and innovations in cinema have shaped Hollywood movies ever since its birth. Excellent direction and innovations have played a major role in making Hollywood movies popular with the masses. Every film industry looks up to this cinema to for its new inventions. These inventions are then followed by everyone.

All Time Favorite Hollywood Movies

Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane released in 1941 is one of the best Hollywood movies. This movie is still said to be an all time favorite movie by critics. The Fortress and The Predators are among others that gained recognition for excellent stunts and direction.

Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson belongs to the genre ‘fantasy’. This movie was also declared to be super hit.

Speed is one such movie that leaves us mesmerized with its best visual effects. This movie keeps you engaged without you losing interest in it for a single second. ‘What next’ is what every viewer thinks of. It’s a Hollywood masterpiece that inspired many other film makers.

Troy is another movie that keeps the viewers engaged with its excellent stunts, sound and visual effects. The camera is used to its best in this movie.

Worldwide Acceptance

Hollywood movies enjoy a worldwide audience. They are usually released simultaneously in different parts of the world. Many movies have been made based on popular Hollywood movies all over the world.

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