Top 3 Baby Gift Set Ideas

Top 3 Baby Gift Set Ideas

Whether you are attending your friend’s baby shower or have been invited to a special birthday celebration of your friend’s baby, it is customary to give a baby gift that will show how much you care for your friend and her baby.  Based on my experiences, I have found that a well-thought of baby gift set is one of the most enjoyable gifts that any mother can receive on behalf of her baby.  Pre-packed baby gift sets can be found in almost any store that sells baby stuff.  To choose the perfect baby gift set, here are some of my favorite ideas which I consider to be the top choices for any parent like me.

  1. The Sleeping Sheep.  This is one of my favorite baby gift sets for a newborn which is why I consider this to be a fantastic choice for baby shower gifts.  The baby gift set includes the Sleep Sheep which is a great sleeping companion for a baby since it has a sound box cleverly hidden inside the stuffed toy that provides relaxing nature sounds much like the heartbeat of a mother which is a sound that a newborn is used to.  Place the Sleep Sheep in the crib with the baby and rest assured, your baby will sleep well.  Along with the Sleep Sheep, the gift set includes 2 high quality burp cloths, a vibrating caterpillar stuffed toy that you can shape and attach to the crib or baby carriage, the Crazy Daisy Squeaking Wiggler that is a fun toy for a baby since it makes all kinds of noise when shaken, and a baby print to capture the hand or foot print of the baby. 
  2. The All Twins Baby Gift Basket.  If your friend was blessed with twins, then this baby gift set idea is a fantastic choice to hit two birds with one stone.  The set starts off with two adorable one-piece shirts called organic “Peas in a Pod” and 2 pieces of diaper burp clothes made of 100 percent cotton.  Since you have two little critters, then you would want to capture a hand of foot print from both so the set comes with two baby prints.  Aside from these, the set includes toys like the shake shape shakers, which is a bright colored toy that makes a soft percussion sound when played with, and the rainbow makers, which are toys, composed of beads that form colorful rainbows when an infant shakes them.  Obviously, since the set is made for twins, then you will have at least two of each in the gift set. 
  3.  The Rock Star.  I am always in awe when I see infants wearing stuff that young adults and adults wear on a daily basis.  Quadruple my awe if the baby is wearing clothes with a rock band like the Ramones is embossed on the shirt.  For parents that are cool and hip and want their baby to be the same, here is a cool baby gift set idea.  The Rock Star baby gift set consists of two one-piece shirts one with the Ramones and one with Kiss printed on them.  This one-piece baby clothing is totally black except for the rock band designs on front.  Along with these items, the set includes a rock lullaby CD featuring songs from rock legends Bob Marley and U2 converted into soothing sounds and lullabies.  A vibrating caterpillar and a baby print come with the set as well.

These 3 baby gift set ideas are some of my favorites and can be easily purchased online.  You may check your local stores to see if these sets are being sold as well.  The Sleep Sheep and Rock Star set can be purchased below $100 each.  The All Twins Baby Gift Basket is slightly more expensive at around $110.

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