How to Choose Interior Designers in Bethesda MD

Whether you require the services of skilled interior designers in Bethesda MD for a home or a business space, it can seem fairly daunting to even begin the selection process. After all, many who are unfamiliar with the experience of working with designers might believe that it is the designer who takes over and makes all of the choices. While that can be true, there are also some interior designers in Bethesda MD that are far more collaborative.

As you begin to search for a designer for your project, try to keep that in mind. It will be incredibly important in choosing a designer who is happy to create spaces reflective of your wishes, but with their own particular flair or style.

Understand Esthetics

It is very helpful to also set out on the process of choosing interior designers in Bethesda MD with a clear idea of your desired esthetic. As an example, if someone says “nautical”, you might envision a palette of blue and white, lots of shining brass and polished wood, and a general sense of life at sea or aboard a ship. If someone says “farmhouse” it is likely that a lot of different elements spring to mind, but there is usually a sense of rustic, aged, well-worn and well-loved.

Take some time to think about your esthetics. Are they mid-century modern? Industrial? Bohemian, urban modern, shabby chic or something else?

This is important because you can then take these terms, and even some images or ideas as you meet with or look over the portfolios of modern designers in the Bethesda area. Though you will probably never find someone who has photo after photo that is precisely what you also have in mind, what you want to discover is someone who has a lighter hand and who can easily blend styles to create just what you want. In other words, the work should be tailored to your needs and the space itself.

As an example, someone emphasizing modernized classicism is able to easily create a fusion of different art, architecture, and fashion and blend them with a client’s personal preferences and the space. After all, the best interior designers are those that understand how to establish the desired “theme” in the light, shape and feel of the interior in question.

Zoe Feldman Design is one such designer, with an esthetic that emphasizes that modern and yet classic look. Viewed as of the most innovative and appealing firm of interior designers in Bethesda MD, you can turn to this team for a diversity of unique and stunning outcomes. You can also follow her on Facebook for more updates.

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