How to Make Sure You Have a Safe Trail Ride

If you are getting ready to go horseback riding in Dallas, you are in for the time of your life. Horses are sweet, docile animals and riding can put you in close proximity to some beautiful nature. Plus, it is a great time to let your imagination go wild, imagining yourself a cowboy in the Old West or a medieval knight off on an epic quest. But if you’ve never been horseback riding before, you may be looking for a few tips.

One of the most important tips for horseback riding in Dallas is to keep your heels down. This does not mean you have to dig your heels down with all your might, but you should let them angle slightly to the ground. This will help give you a strong foundation and balance, which will help you move at one with the horse. Plus, it can keep your foot from sliding through the stirrup and getting caught. While your heels should be down, your head should be up. Your center of gravity is, in part, controlled by your head, so if you keep your head up you will have a higher center of gravity that is more at one with the horse. Also, by sitting with your head down, you run the risk of breaking your neck if you should fall.

Hopefully you will not fall, and, if you are doing standard beginners horseback riding in Dallas, the likelihood of falling is low. If you do, however, don’t feel like you immediately have to get back on. It is a myth that this will somehow give you master over your horse. If you feel afraid, the horse will be afraid or skittish, and you are more likely to encounter further problems along the trail. One of the best ways to avoid a fall in the first place is to trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe or have a feeling that the terrain is problematic, don’t continue. You may feel a little embarrassed, but it will be far more embarrassing and dangerous to run into trouble and fall off.

When horseback riding Dallas area, you also have to be aware of the other horses. Try to maintain a steady distance with the horses in front of and behind you. Ideally, there should be one horse length between each of you. At the same time, be sure to stay with the other riders in your group. If the horses stop for water, make sure everyone is done before moving on. Even if you are a more experienced rider, staying together is one of the best ways to ensure your safety on the trail.

If you follow these simple tips, you should have nothing to worry about. Horseback riding in Dallas is a fun, new activity, and it could even spark a lifelong passion.


Beaumont Ranch is an 800 acre, working cattle ranch that offers horseback riding near Dallas. Our experienced horsemen will teach you everything you need to know for a ride before striking out on one of our popular and family-friendly trail rides.

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