How to Measure Floors in Beavercreek for Carpeting

How to Measure Floors in Beavercreek for Carpeting

Calm down. You don’t have to have an exact measurement in order to get the right amount of carpeting for your floors. However, it sure helps to have a rough estimate. You can then budget what type of carpet you can afford or if you want to change to another flooring material like vinyl tiles. Here is how to measure Floors in Beavercreek.

Draw a Diagram of the Room

Let’s assume you only need one room that needs new carpeting. If your whole house needs new carpeting, then you would make a diagram of each floor of your home. It’s the same principle as measuring just one room, only more repetitive. Anyway, get some grid paper for the diagram. Some carpet stores will offer free gird paper for downloading. Pretend you are a bat hanging from the ceiling and draw the room from the bat’s point of view.

Get Measuring

Break out the measuring tape and a pen. If possible, remove furniture that is in your way. Measure the length and width of the floor. It’s best to round up your measurements to the nearest half-foot. This makes it easier for the carpet salespeople. It also factors in any mistakes you may have made while measuring. Mark the length first and then the width.

Uneven Walls

Most rooms are not perfectly square or rectangular. There are bumps of walls or fixtures in the way. Include them in your diagram. Write where they are and how wide they are. Don’t worry now about how much to subtract from the room’s carpeting total. Let the carpet salespeople worry about that.


Multiply the length of the room by the width of the room. This will give you the total square feet that need covering. Actually, it may be a little more than you need, but it’s better to be prepared to pay more than expect to pay less.

Add an Extra 10 Percent

There always are unseen events when installing a carpet. One patch could have a big seam or an unsightly patch that needs replacing. This is why you should add an extra 10 percent to your total.