Important Tips for Maintaining Transformer Safety

Modern industry today exists in a very competitive environment. It is important to keep production up and waste down if you want to stay ahead of or keep up with the competition. However, efficiency and high production numbers are not so important if you sacrifice the safety and well-being of your workers around electrical components like transformer overcurrent protection devices. Here are some valuable tips to help keep things safe in your facility.

High Voltage Protection

Any time you work around high voltages, you must exercise extreme caution. Electricians should wear gloves because high voltages may arc or jump easily. This can help avoid serious injuries.


You should inspect all transformer overcurrent protection devices on a routine basis. A good inspection includes carefully examining circuits and terminals. Look for signs of cracked insulation, unusual odors or loose connections.


Be sure to check and see if your transformer is properly grounded. This is a good way to avoid needless electrical shock. Grounding helps to eliminate static electricity, which can damage the windings of some transformers.

Repairs and Modifications

You may be tempted to work on equipment while the system is running. After all, if you shut it down, you could lose a lot of money in downtime. However, no amount of money is worth taking a chance on personal safety. When modifications or repairs are needed, you should only have three options:

  • Do nothing and wait until the equipment breaks down.
  • Schedule the maintenance during off-time.
  • Shut the system down and make the needed changes.


Check all transformer circuits to make sure they are not operating above their ampacity ratings. This is especially important for transformer overcurrent protection devices. Even a small amount of current over the limit may be dangerous and could cause fire or shock hazards.

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