3 Commonly Asked Questions About Roof Flashings in Emporia, KS

Flashing is a critical element of the roof. It prevents water from seeping into cracks and openings on the roof by redirecting it to a safer place. Roofs without proper flashing near openings can cause water damage, lead to mold, or damage a home’s structural integrity. To get the most out of roof flashing, it is imperative to ensure that the installations are done by a qualified roofer. Here are three commonly asked questions about roof flashings in Emporia, KS.

What Materials Are Used to Make Roof Flashing?

Materials used to make flashing include plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, rubber, copper, and galvanized steel. Copper is the most expensive option of all the flashing materials. Apart from being the strongest type of roof flashing, it is the most eye-catching. Copper flashing has a great color to match the style of most homes.

Stainless steel is sturdy, robust, and extremely durable, which makes it a very economical purchase. PVC or plastic is also a common flashing option considered by homeowners due to its ease of customization and economic pricing. Aluminum is very malleable, so it can be bent to shape easily. This makes it a suitable option for unconventional roof shapes and overly creative roof designs.

What are Some Common Flashing Locations?

Some common locations for flashing include:

  • Skylights
  • Chimneys
  • Roof vents
  • Roof valleys
  • Drip edge
  • Roof to wall intersections
  • Other places depending on the design of the roof

What Happens When Flashing Is Damaged?

Over time, elements such as hail, sleet, snow, and heavy winds can take a toll on the roof and damage flashing materials. Plastic flashing is more susceptible to damage as it tends to lose its sturdiness after prolonged exposure to the sun. Missing or damaged flashing can cause moisture to enter the building. This can lead to the growth of mold and mildew in the walls and ceilings of a home.

Working on a roof is dangerous, with the main danger coming from falls. Thus, it is best to hire an experienced roofing contractor to install roof flashings in Emporia, KS. Read more about roof flashings and how to hire a professional roofer for installations.

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