Injuries Commonly Seen by a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Queens County NY

Riding a bike is a great way to get physical activity, fresh air, and more. However, when a person is involved in an accident while riding their bike, the injuries may be severe. What are some common injuries seen with a collision of this type and why should a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Queens County NY be contacted?

Head Injuries

Although many areas require bicyclists to wear a helmet, not everyone obeys these laws. Any time a bike collides with something, there is a risk of the rider being thrown off the bike. When no helmet is worn, a head injury is likely. Even when a helmet is worn, there is a risk of head injuries although they tend to be less severe when the proper safety equipment is in use. Scratches, scrapes and skull fractures may be seen. Furthermore, a person could sustain a brain injury, such as a concussion, when thrown from a bike. Sadly, some people experience a traumatic brain injury that can have long-term effects and completely change their way of life.

Broken Bones

One or more bones could be broken in a bicycle accident. The affected bone may be an arm, a leg, the collarbone or any bone in the body. Sadly, some individuals break their back or neck or injure their spinal cord at this time. As a result, a person might need long-term treatment or rehabilitation before they can recover from the incident, if they are ever able to do so fully. A broken back or neck may lead to the loss of the victim’s life.

If you have been involved in a collision while riding a bike, consider hiring a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Queens County NY. The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III is a great place to start the search for an attorney and you may click here to learn more about this firm. They offer a free consultation so a client can meet with the attorney, review the facts of the case and determine if they have a good working relationship. It never hurts to learn what your rights and responsibilities are in this situation so give them a call today.

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