Insurance in Burleson: Which Policies You Should Have

Insurance isn’t exactly an exciting subject to discuss; you may never need to file a claim, and it can account for a considerable portion of your monthly budget. It’s easy to take insurance for granted and to pay it grudgingly, but accidents and unforeseen setbacks do happen. When they do, having the right policies can save you and your family from financial ruin. When shopping for Insurance in Burleson, the following policies should be considered a priority.

Auto InsuranceEveryone who owns a car has, or should have, auto insurance. Most states require proof of insurance before a vehicle can be registered or inspected. The type of coverage you need varies. Newer vehicles should have full coverage, including comprehensive and collision, while you may choose to only carry basic liability insurance on older models.

Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance Homeowner’s insurance is a requirement when you take out a mortgage on a home. It’s the lender’s way of protecting their investment, and it’s your way of protecting your family and valuables in the event of fire, theft or vandalism. If you rent your home, the owner’s policy will not cover your personal belongings, but renter’s insurance is available to protect your property.

Life InsuranceIf you have people who depend on you, you should be carrying a life insurance policy. It protects your family from the loss of income due to death. An agent can help you determine how much coverage you need, and whether term or whole life insurance better suits your needs.

Health InsuranceIf you’ve ever seen a hospital bill, you’ll understand why health insurance is an absolute necessity. Few things can throw you for a financial loop like an unforeseen illness or injury. There are a variety of plans available to suit your needs, such as high deuctible plans and plans that include a health savings account.

Disability InsuranceTypically, an employer will carry a basic policy on an employee. If you are self-employed, or your company’s coverage isn’t enough, you should seriously consider getting your own policy. While health insurance will cover your medical expenses, disability insurance will help cover your living expenses while you are recovering.

Having a well rounded insurance portfolio that includes these five types of coverage will give you security and peace of mind. Protecting your livelihood is always a smart investment.

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