Investing In Plant And Site Safety

Plant explosions are often a warning that something very simple went wrong. It can be an indicator the cleaning methods employed failed to do their job appropriately. If cleaning is at fault, perhaps it is time to revisit the vacuums your cleaning staff and other employees are using. Are they using an explosion proof vacuum? If not, perhaps they should be.

What Are Explosion Proof Vacuums?

Explosion proof vacuums are vacuums with a major difference. Although they do vacuum up dirt and other desirable matter, they are designed in a manner so as not to create anything e.g. friction, that could set off an explosion. This generally involves a construction of materials that do not cause sparks e.g. stainless steel. The use of this material is not restricted to the exterior. In the truly complete “explosion-proof” vacuums, it is employed in the internal mechanisms and structures such as:

  • The motor
  • Switches filters
  • Inner chambers

Moreover, all of these components are grounded are grounded

All such vacuums are also divided into classifications to provide clarification of the materials they are best suited to handling. Such measures act to provide specifics about what type of vacuums are to be used on what substances and, by extension, in which rooms. However, it is extremely important that, if the explosion proof vacuum is to truly live up to its designation, the hoses, tools and any other accessories used in conjunction with the vacuum be also static or friction free.

Why The Need for Explosion Proof Vacuums?

Workplaces can be hazardous in many different ways. In some places, the air employees breathe is rife with minute particulates that float around and settle in the lungs. The resulting health problems can be costly and deadly to everyone. Another danger is combustible dust. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) specifically defines this substance in exacting terms. They state it is a solid substance no greater than 420 microns in diameter. The danger is caused when the substance is ignited with air. The result can be a conflagration and/or explosion. If the dust ignites within a contained or confined space, it may stir up further combustible dust that is present. The result can be catastrophic.

An Explosion Proof Vacuum: Part of an Integrated Safety System

Cleaning workplaces properly is only one-step in what should be an integrated system designed to protect all workers. If a company wished to comply with the regulations and keep everyone safe, it is important to clean all surfaces. A solid start in preventing an incendiary blast caused by combustible dust particles is to purchase and install a high quality explosion proof vacuum.

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