Key Considerations For Short-Term Storage Facilities In Charlotte, NC

Key Considerations For Short-Term Storage Facilities In Charlotte, NC

No matter how well-planned a move may be, there are always issues that can come up at the last minute to derail those plans. Closings may be delayed on a new property, the current owners may be late in moving out, or new home construction can be delayed due to any number of reasons.

When these things happen, working with a moving company with access to their own, secured storage facilities is a benefit to anyone in the Charlotte, NC area. These facilities can also come in handy for decluttering and staging of homes as well, providing short-term storage until the home sells.

Choosing the Movers and Facility

Even if there is no initial plan to use storage facilities during your move, knowing that the moving company selected can provide these services is always an advantage. This builds in the protection you need for any type of storage before, during, or after the move.

Asking moving companies if they have their own storage facilities is a simple way to find out this information. By using the storage facility owned and operated by the moving company, your possessions are insured and in a facility that is constantly monitored.

Verify the facility has fire suppression systems, secure storage, and controlled access to the property. Individual vaults are also an essential factor, keeping your items separate and safely stored.

Help with Packing and Moving

Choosing Charlotte, NC, moving services storage options also provides the added benefit of movers to pack and move items to and from storage as needed. If this is done as part of the sales prep for a home, the moving company can arrive and pack, wrap and pad all items, and then move them into a private vault. When you are ready to move, they can add the contents of the vault to your household possessions, ensuring everything arrives at your new home in a single load.