Need to Know Information About the Transcreener Phosphodiesterase Assay

Need to Know Information About the Transcreener Phosphodiesterase Assay

Have you been considering getting the Transcreener phosphodiesterase assay offered through BellBrook Labs? While it is true that this is a high-quality kit and among the top options available on the market today, you still need to be sure that you understand what it can offer and all of the capabilities it has. This will ensure that it is the right choice for your needs. The following are some of the important pieces of information regarding this phosphodiesterase assay kit, and they can help you to determine whether it is the right option for your company’s needs.

The Phosphodiesterase Assay Kit Works With Hundreds of Targets

One of the reasons that this assay is popular is because it is able to be used with hundreds of different targets. These include ligases, synthetases, phosphodiesterases, sialyltransferasesm, ectonucleotidases, and more. Because it has the capability to work with so many different targets, it makes the assay that much more flexible and ultimately more useful for many labs.

Works With a Range of Applications

Another reason that these phosphodiesterase activity assays are popular is because they can be used for a variety of applications. They are used for measuring enzymatic activities, and the potency of inhibitors, as well as determining inhibitor selectivity. They can also screen compound libraries for inhibitors and be used for inhibitor resistance time measurements.

Simple to Use

These phosphodiesterase assays also happen to be very easy to use. It has a mix-and read-format, which is meant to help cut down on the amount of time spent, and to help reduce the number of errors that could find their way into the assay. There are both FP and TR-FRET readouts available with the assay, and you will find that the substrate concentration range is very wide – from 1 μM to 1000 µM. This provides some added flexibility, which helps to make it highly usable by many different companies.

If you are unsure of what phosphodiesterase assay you should be using, or if you are looking for a different type of assay, you will find that BellBrook Labs, the company that offers these phosphodiesterase assay kits, can help you find what you need. They can offer assay development services to ensure that you are getting and using exactly what you require.

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