Polymer Labs Offer Plastics Identification Services

Polymer Labs Offer Plastics Identification Services

Today, many kinds of businesses utilize polymers in the process of manufacturing. Whether you are a supplier of plastic parts or some of your products contain plastic or polymer resins, maintaining quality control is an essential part of your business. A high tech lab for plastics identification and testing is an important consideration for many companies today. However, you might not have the capacities and resources for this kind of testing and you should consider the services of a professional polymer lab. Let’s check out some of the many good things you can receive when you hire a professional testing lab for your business.

What is Plastics Identification?

Today, plastics, synthetic rubber and fiberglass are making many products lighter and stronger. In fact, an entire new generation of plastics has been born. Plus, the ability to resist corrosion, makes them a popular choice for a wide range of modern products. So why would you want to identify the ingredients in your plastic materials? Here are several important reasons why:


When plastics are created they may be injection molded or casted. During these processes, other materials may sometimes become infused. This could be from a defect in the manufacturing process or the raw materials. However, on the surface, there may be no signs of contamination. Yet, your products could be failing for unknown reasons. For example, parts may break or crack under normal conditions.

Modern polymer labs offer high tech plastic identification services. With controlled conditions, they can determine the content of your materials. If there has been a contaminant added, it will show up in the testing. This will give you the necessary information to correct the issue.

Fillers and Reinforcement Materials

As you using the right kind of fillers in your materials? If not, your products may not be performing the way you expect. With the proper kind of testing services, you can see how your products perform in extreme conditions. Also, testing can let you know what kinds of fillers are being used in materials you buy.

Reverse Engineering

What are you going to do if one of your materials or parts suppliers suddenly goes under? This could cause serious problems with a company and you will need to find a replacement as soon as possible. By taking previously used products to your testing lab for plastics identification, you can discover exactly what is used to create them and this will give you the proper information for replacements.