Performing Oil Tank Installation Westchester County NY

Performing Oil Tank Installation Westchester County NY

After completion of the installation of a heating system, one has to plan the installation of the oil tank that will store the fuel used by the heating system. This is another task that requires help of a professional in oil tank installation. This is because installation of oil tanks is not a simple procedure especially for underground oil tanks. They have to be installed in the right position according to the manufacturer’s direction. This ensures that the tank sits in a good position for the fuel pump to be able to pump the oil into the burner.

The oil tank installation, Westchester County NY has to be carried out with proper attention to the right standards in terms of depth below the ground, area of excavation amongst others. An oil installation expert should be well aware of all the requirements in order for the tank to be safely installed. Most companies that sell oil tanks also offer installation as a service; there are those instances where one is able to get cheaper installation. They can then buy the tank and have it installed by a different installation company. In such situations, the installation company should have the proper documents stating the permission to carry out the installations.

Most counties have a form of controlled development that requires that any construction work be properly authorized before any work can start. Such authorisation is only issued to qualified contractors upon presentation of the plans they tend to execute.

The oil tank installation company you choose to do carryout the installation work should have an insurance cover so that any damage to the tank or even personal injury is covered by the insurance company.

There are other regulations that govern installation of underground oil tanks that every contractor involved in the oil tank installation business should be aware of, they include that distance underground oil tanks should be stored away from rivers, ditches and lakes. There should be a distance of not less than 10 meters from such features. This is because an oil spill can be leaked into the environment through ditches or into rivers and lakes.

The tank should never be installed where any other hazards exist, this is just as a measure taken to ensure the general safety of both the tank and people.

These regulations differ depending on the types of tank and should be adhered to whenever the installation is being carried out. Heating oil tanks are supposed to stay underground for a number of years and therefore the oil tank installation, Westchester County NY should be well done since removal is equally expensive. Removal should only be done when the lifespan of the tank runs out or in the event that there is a leak.

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