The Benefits of Hiring a Roll Off Dumpster

A roll off in St Paul MN is not much more than a huge metal box which is fitted with wheels and is designed to be transported and dispatched on a truck. You will often see these dumpsters located on construction sites and places where major renovations are taking place.

Prior to arranging for the dumpster, there has to be a decision on how large it will be in cubic yards and where it will be placed. In some cases there is a need for multiple dumpsters on site, one for general construction rubble and one for materials which can go for recycling.

Roll off dumpsters are available in a number of different sizes; the most popular are 15, 30 and 40 cubic yards. The roll off St Paul MN can be temporary, or can be a permanent fixture. Many companies that generate scrap metal, industries such as machine shops will often station a roll off at the factory on a permanent basis. The company that rents the container will pick it on against a particular schedule or on demand when it is approaching maximum capacity.

Many factories also marry a roll off in St Paul MN with a compactor. Often, companies that generate significant paper waste will install a compactor, which compacts and bales the waste and the bales are then loaded into the roll off, which is collected and delivered to a paper mill for recycling.

There are times, especially if the need for the roll off is for a house demolition or major renovation when the dumpster will have to be situated on the street. In this event, there will be a need for a permit and the permit will no doubt demand that the dumpster be identifiable with warning lights at night; and traffic cones during the day. The permit may also demand that the roll off be covered at all times and that there be no materials which hang outside the profile of the container.

In the event you are bringing a roll off services to an area which is well landscaped or the parking space is a paved driveway, the potential of damage can be mitigated by resting the roll off on skids which sit under each corner, hence lifting it off the surface. When the dumpster is picked up, the chances of damage will be remote. Even though the dumpster rental company does not take responsibility for damage in most cases, they are well aware of the situation and attempt to keep any drag or skid marks to a minimum.

There is little doubt that renting a roll off in St Paul MN is the ideal way of disposing of construction rubble and unwanted waste. Visit the website at

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