Restaurants and Pest Control: What You Need to Know

Restaurants and Pest Control: What You Need to Know

Pest control is a vital consideration for homes all around the country, but it is even more important for businesses, particularly those in the food service industry. For restaurants, pest control helps ensure the quality and safety of food, a better score on health inspections, and a cleaner, healthier establishment. What should restaurant owners and operators know about controlling pests within their properties, though?

Know the Problem Areas

In restaurants, pests can appear almost anywhere, but there are a few common problem areas that need closer attention than others. Food storage areas should be obvious – these are prime targets for pests like cockroaches, but also for beetles and moths, as well as rodents. Interestingly, cleaning supply storage areas are also problematic, as they collect moisture and provide the perfect breeding ground for many pests, particularly for flies. Finally, your outdoor dumpster area will attract all manner of pests, and it takes very little for them to travel the few feet from the dumpster through a crack in a wall or even an open door into your restaurant.

Be Vigilant

For restaurant owners and operators, vigilance should be your watchword. While it is virtually impossible to avoid having a few flies flitting about, there are signs that can indicate you have a possible infestation on your hands. Discovering stored product pests like beetles or weevils in your foodstuffs is a very good indication that you have a problem.

Likewise, if you notice a cockroach anywhere in the restaurant, you can bet that it’s not alone. For every one roach that you see, there are potentially dozens more lurking within the walls and in other areas that you do not see. Also watch for signs of rodent problems, such as mouse or rat droppings, particularly in drawers and cabinets, or around stored food products. Chew marks on packaging are also good signs that you have a rodent problem.

Take Action

For restaurants, pest control is not optional. If you notice any signs that you may have a pest problem, it’s crucial that you take action now. Glue boards and DIY rodent traps, fly strips, baits and the like can all help, but remember that the heat and moisture found in a restaurant environment usually decrease the effectiveness of these control methods. Call for professional help – get in touch with Viking Pest Control at 888-481-8219.