Tips for Maintaining Your Transmission

When you rely on your car to get you to the places you need to go, it is important to keep it running well. Your transmission is key to your car’s reliability. Automatic transmission parts suppliers can help you upgrade your system, but it’s up to you to care for it.

Check Fluid

Your owner’s manual can direct you to what type of fluid to use, but you also need to routinely check the fluid. Low fluid levels tend to indicate a leak. You know the fluid is still good if it is red and smells sweet. Dark and smelly fluid means that it’s time to have it flushed and replaced.

Drive Well

The way you drive can also affect the life of your automatic transmission. Give yourself a few extra minutes when you start the car to allow it to warm up. This helps the transmission run more smoothly. You also want to avoid changing gears while the car is moving, as this puts unnecessary strain on the system. Maintain your tires well, making sure they are the same size, or your transmission ends up bearing the brunt of compensating for the imbalance. To know more, click here.

Regular Check-Ups

It is a good idea to have your transmission flushed approximately once a year. If the fluid is still good, you may be able to prolong the times between changing it, but don’t neglect to do so when it’s needed. Whether it needs to be flushed or not, it’s a good idea to at least have it inspected every year. Taking care of the rest of the internal workings of your vehicle can also help your transmission. The same cooling system that helps your engine, for example, also cools the transmission fluid.

No matter how well you maintain your transmission, parts eventually wear out. When it is time for your transmission to be upgraded or replaced, automatic transmission parts suppliers can help with the best fit for your vehicle.

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