Should You Purchase Aftermarket Jeep Parts Online?

Should You Purchase Aftermarket Jeep Parts Online?

Mopar OEM Jeep parts online have been long touted as the best and most reliable way to obtain new parts for your ride. After all, with OEM parts being made by the same manufacturer, Jeep owners can be sure that the part they purchase will be suitable. With a growing number of aftermarket parts becoming available, it may be tempting to switch. But should you?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Aftermarket Jeep Parts

Pro: Less Expensive (Usually)

An aftermarket part, not coming from the vehicle’s manufacturer, tends to be less expensive than OEM parts. How much you save will vary from brand to brand, and if one price is lower than the rest for the same part, then we at Mopar begin asking questions about its quality.

Con: Price May Reflect Poor Quality

It’s important for truck owners to ask themselves why they may be getting a discount on the aftermarket part. Is it because they produce more parts and are, therefore, able to manufacture them for a lower price than we do? Or are they sacrificing quality?
Pro: Sometimes Made of Comparable Quality

Depending on the brand, the quality of the aftermarket part can be comparable to that of an OEM. Some car pros have even found aftermarket pieces that they believe are even higher quality. The key is to make sure that you do your research and make sure that you’re willing to take the risk on that aftermarket part rather than opt for a reliable OEM from us.

Con: They’re Not always Comparable Quality

The quality of these aftermarket parts varies tremendously. Some will be superior to the OEM while many more will be equal to or even inferior to the standard part. A huge draw to investing in aftermarket parts is that they are less expensive, but as mentioned above, that lower price may be the result of poorer quality. Unlike our products, many aftermarket Jeep parts online and offline don’t have proper quality controls in place, meaning you can never be quite sure what it is that you’ve just purchased.

Pro: Greater Variety

Given that more companies can make parts for your Jeep than the single manufacturer of an OEM, you do have greater variety when it comes to aftermarket parts.

Con: The Selection Is Overwhelming

Unless you’re well-versed in aftermarket brands, then the selection of different brakes, suspension systems, air intake systems and beyond will be extremely overwhelming. To make matters worse, one mechanic may have one opinion on a particular brand while another views a brand in a completely different light.

The Bottom Line

The good thing about buying Jeep parts online is that there is still a great selection of OEM parts through Mopar available to you without the need of making a trek out to the Jeep dealership or to your mechanic. If you’re still deliberating between aftermarket and our OEM parts, keep in mind that our OEM parts come with a warranty. It’s also important to remember that OEM parts should be used for collision repairs (OEM panels will fit properly and have adequate crumple zones) or if you lease your car (using aftermarket can void the lease and force you to lose your security deposit).