Buying Natural Gemstones at a Suffolk Jewelry Store

Jewelry has played a huge role in human civilization. From decorating the wealthy to being a sure-fire way to protect one’s most valuable assets, human beings have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years. Because of this long standing history with jewelry, there are a myriad of choices and selection available, many of which involve gemstones. Which are real? Which are fake? Which are the best for your lifestyle? The next time that you purchase a Suffolk jewelry store, keep these three factors in mind.

Natural vs. Factory-Made Vs. Imitation Gemstones

In this world, you’ll find two types of gemstones in a jewelry store: natural gemstones and factory-made or manufactured gemstones.

Natural: This type of gemstone is mined from the earth and may come from any country or continent (though this may be specified along with the piece of jewelry). Some natural gemstones are “enhanced” to improve their color. This more often than not means that they have been heat-treated or chemically treated.

Factory-Made: Grown in a laboratory, these synthetic gemstones have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as natural gemstones. The one drawback: they aren’t as rare, and so the value is reduced. This can be determined by a certified gemologist who can run a few tests to determine whether a gem is real or fake.

Imitation Gemstones: These tricky yet still often beautiful gems are often made from cubic zirconia, tinted glass, or from a variety of materials that resemble natural stones. These will be clearly identified as being different from factory-made or laboratory-grown gems.

Are Enhanced Gemstones Still Real?
We’ve come across a variety of enhanced or treated gemstones at Marinelli Jewelers. The gems in these pieces have undergone some form or treatment in order to improve:

*  Durability


*  Color

It's not uncommon for a gemstone to receive some form of treatment. Buyers of gemstone pieces must be aware that, unless properly cared for, the gemstone's appearance may change or lessen over time. Another important consideration is the fact that treatments can have an effect on the value of the gemstone. At Marinelli Jewelers, we disclose this information up front and discuss the pros and cons depending on the type of treatment a gemstone has undergone. This way, the buyer is fully familiar with the investment that he or she is making.

How Are Gemstones Measured

At the Marinelli jewelry store, we measure gems by:

*  Weight

*  Size

When we weigh a gemstone, we use the carat system. One carat for us and other reputable jewelers is one-fifth of a gram. We then divide it into 100 units, which are referred to as “points.” So, a quarter-carat gemstone that weighs 0.25ct would be 25 points.

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