Signs of Addiction: Your Loved One may be Crying for Help

Substance abuse affects many people, yet it is something that people try to hide. This ailment is embarrassing and hard to admit to, which is one reason many fail to seek help. Loved ones are usually the ones that bring up the problem to the addiction sufferer, and the following are some signs of a possible problem.

Neglecting Duties

Disregarding duties is usually a sign of trouble. A person who is suffering from addiction will likely start ignoring duties such as work or even family responsibilities just to get his or her drugs. This is one sign revealing that your loved one might need a good substance abuse treatment in Burnsville. Of course, you need to bring up these grievances with your loved one to confront the issue together.

Loss of Will Power

Another sign telling you that your loved one may need to receive substance abuse treatment in Burnsville is the loss of control. Drugs have a way of rearranging the brain after some time, which ends up altering your loved one’s ability to control his or her urges. It may seem impossible to fathom the idea of living without full control of your will, but that is something some victims of addiction have to live through and fight.

Physical Signs of Trouble

Your loved one is going to display a few physical signs of addiction, such as sudden weight gain or loss. You may also see your loved one with bloodshot eyes with no explanation. A person dealing with this issue long enough is not going to worry about his or her appearance much, so you may likely see your loved one may not look like he or she usually does. You may also notice unusual body odors or your loved one may end up suffering from insomnia.

Those who are seeing some of these changes should contact Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. to set up a consultation. You can visit them online to find out more about what this addiction care center offers and why you should choose them.

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