Why Trust a Professional with Your Hard Drive

Do you have a hard drive that recently took a nosedive into a fantastic crash and burn? First, take a moment to collect yourself. Second, you have to decide where to take your hard drive to have any chance of recovering all of that hard-earned data that lies accumulated in your non-functional device. What about that one guy down the hall? He seems good with computers, and he helped you install that tricky program a ways back. Absolutely not.

While the list of reasons that is a bad idea could stretch on for a long time, here is the condensed version.

Professional Expertise

The specialists who work with recovering hard drives are engineers. That means they went to college and quite possibly graduate school to learn how to work with the incredibly tiny and complex machinery that is modern technology. They know electricity, wiring, theory and circuitry and can take apart, repair and perfectly reassemble any piece of a computer. They have the precise skills for the job, and they will not let you down when push comes to shove.

Access to State-of-the-Art Equipment

The second thing a professional has over a random tech savvy guy is they have access to the latest in computer diagnostic and repair technology. They have programs designed to recover data from the logistical crash of any operating system, and the precise tools and parts for disassembling and repairing the hard drive for any mechanical failure.

Astoundingly Less Risk of Dangerous Contamination

Any hard drive utilizes incredibly precise and sensitive inner workings that contaminants can enter and destroy. A particle close to half a micron wide got into the wrong places and knocked the Hubble telescope out of commission. Do you really want wood shavings, bacteria, hair or skin particles getting all over the sensitive machinery in your hard drive?

Once your problem has been remedied, you need to make sure the hard drive disposal is taken care of properly. For this, you need a professional.

If you have questions regarding proper hard drive disposal, contact EPE Components today.

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