Signs Of Disability Discrimination In The Workplace

There have been laws passed in order to prevent people with disabilities from being discriminated against in the workplace. However, disability discrimination Ventura County CA is extremely common. There are several signs that you have been discriminated against in the workplace because of your disability.


Disabled employees are object the target of harassment and bullying. If an employee is not properly protected, then it can also be considered harassment. Employers are responsible for making sure that the environment is safe for everyone. Examples of harassment include intimidation tactics, direct bullying and refusing to make reasonable accommodations for the disabled person.

Discrimination in the Hiring Process

Many people are discriminated against before they even have the chance to do their job. There are several ways that this can occur. They may choose a non-disabled person even if they are less qualified for the job. Employers may also refuse to make accommodations for a person during the interview process.

Unfair Pay

It is not uncommon for a person to be paid less because of their disability. Not only are people paid less but they may also be denied raises.


Businesses often lay off people when they have to cut their budget. However, if a disabled person is the only one who is laid off, then this is an example of discrimination. Employers may also force a person who has a disability to resign from the job.

Adverse Affections due to the Disability

Some employers may try to discipline a person just because they have a disability. For example, they may demote a person just because of their disability. They may also limit their access to work.

If you have been a victim of disability discrimination Ventura County CA, then you will need to contact Law Group for more information.

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