Stay Healthy with an Oral Surgeon in St. Augustine, FL

Stay Healthy with an Oral Surgeon in St. Augustine, FL

There are few things that some people dislike as much as going to the dentist, but that is because those people are not going to the right dentist. When your dentist is a highly renowned expert in the field, with many years and dozens of satisfied patients, then it is clear why not everyone has a dislike for trips to the dentist’s office. No one wants to need anything more significant than a simple filling from their dentist, but from time to time you may find that you require minor surgery to fix certain problems in your mouth. When that happens, a great dentist will be able to refer you to a similarly superior oral surgeon in your area so that you can fix your smile quickly and affordably.

The Need for Oral Surgery

There are many reasons why you may need oral surgery at some point in your life. One of the most common reasons people need to visit an oral surgeon in St. Augustine, FL or anywhere else is because they have impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that exist on the outside edge of your jaw. While these teeth were useful for ancient humans who commonly lost teeth, modern humans rarely lose their teeth, and so these extra teeth can crowd the jaw and cause many kinds of problems. For this reason, it is common for people to have them surgically removed as young adults before they can cause any problem.

Another reason you may need oral surgery is because you have lost a tooth or several teeth and need to replace them with dental implants. These implants can stand in for teeth lost for any reason, whether due to disease, injury or otherwise, and they can be surgically implanted quickly and for an affordable price during the course of a single day. Once you have your new tooth implanted, you can go home and recover as an outpatient with a quick recovery that lets you get back to living the life you want in hardly any time at all.

Work with the Best Surgeons

While having oral surgery is never going to be a pleasant experience, a great oral surgeon will be able to make sure that it is a straightforward and pain-free experience thanks to their expert training. They will often use light anesthesia or other sedatives in order to prevent you from feeling any pain during the procedure or from remembering it afterwards, which makes recovery far easier and the entire surgery run much more smoothly. Be sure that you are working with the best surgeons in your area by getting a referral from a top-notch dentist – you will be glad that you did!