Tasks Completed by Plumbers in Saginaw TX During Residential Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance and inspection for a home’s plumbing system is a smart idea, just as homeowners normally have completed for the furnace and central air conditioner. Plumbers in Saginaw TX check over pipes, fixtures and water-related appliances, and they make any necessary adjustments and repairs. The work prevents problems from developing throughout the year that could cause a need for emergency service, such as a sewer backup.

Checking for Leaks and Corrosion

During the inspection, Plumbers in Saginaw TX look for leaks that the customers may not have discovered. Deteriorated equipment inside toilet tanks are common causes of water loss, with leaks so subtle that nobody notices. They check metal pipes and sump pumps for corrosion. Connections and drains also are inspected. Tightening of connections and clearing of sluggish drains can be completed during this appointment, and replacement of worn hoses can be done as well.

Water Heater Maintenance

The water heater can be drained and cleaned by the plumber. This should be done every year, but many homeowners neglect the task. The anode rod should be inspected and replaced if advisable. A properly-functioning anode rod slows corrosion in the tank, thus extending the lifespan of the appliance. This rod uses electrolysis to neutralize minerals in the tank. Depending on the level of dissolved mineral content in the water, the rod can wear out within just a few years.

Possible Recommendations

If this is the first time the plumbing has been inspected as part of routine maintenance, the plumber may make some suggestions to prevent problems. For instance, pipes in a crawl space can freeze if they are not insulated. Many people do not bother with this because freezing temperatures in this part of the country are rare. Nevertheless, on the occasions when the temperature does plummet, water freezing inside pipes can cause them to break, leading to a catastrophic situation.

In older homes, plumbers often recommend having corroding metal pipes replaced with polyvinyl chloride pipes. This material is more commonly known as PVC and is the standard for modern plumbing because of its longevity, flexibility and non-corrosive characteristics. Anyone ready to schedule annual maintenance may contact a company such as Ace Plumbing Repair. Browse us online.

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