The Advantages Of The Retractable Awning

When summer comes, people’s minds and wallets turn to furnishing their outdoor world and brightening up their home. One of the current trends is to install an awning. This summer, if you are planning on following this fashion and installing an awning on your exterior windows or over your deck and patio, why not opt for one that retracts? A retractable awning is sure to make an impression on your guests and family.

The Attraction of a Retractable Awning

It is not only the colors or styles that will draw admiring glances. It is also the ability to be there to provide shade, keep the rain out or to disappear when you simply want to look at the heavens above at night. All this is accomplished with a simple crank or the push of a button. These are not the true advantages of a retractable awning. Indeed, there are many pros to having a retractable awning for your use.

The Pros of a Retractable Awning

When it comes down to it, installing a retractable awning or two can be advantageous to the owner and his or her family. According to various experts on the subject, this type of awning can help them in several ways including:

* Energy/Money Savers: By providing protection from the sun during the hottest period of the year, awnings help the energy bill inside remain lower than they would without them. As a result of the installation of a retractable awning, the sun is allowed to beat in during the winter months to reduce the heating bill and is denied presence during the summer months, therefore reducing the cooling costs.

* Interior Protector: The installation of a retractable awning over windows or a patio or deck acts to protect the furniture from fading – for both interior and exterior furniture and from rain and other elements – for the exterior furniture. Awnings can also help reduce the fading by the sunshine of carpets, rugs, wallpaper and other items

* Durable and Long Lasting: While stationary or non-retractable awnings are less expensive than retractable awnings, they may not be as long lasting. A retractable awning can be retracted during inclement weather preventing any damage. A stationary model may not be taken down in time and be ripped or torn. Moreover, of the two the non-retractable awning may have greater exposure to the sun’s rays and, therefore, suffer from an increased risk of fading.

* Quick: A retractable awning can be quickly withdrawn or deployed when required. By adding a motor, it will be even faster and easier to retract or extend than its non-motorized counterpart.

Overall, professionals find a retractable awning, although often more expensive than a fixed one, more versatile and worth the money it costs initially to purchase and install.

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