Upgrade Your Property With Wood Garage Doors

There is something very refined looking about wood garage doors. It may be the classic carriage house design or a more modern overhead type of door, but the durability and classic lines of these doors really do set them apart from other options.

Wood garage doors are easy to spot even from the curb. They are solid looking without appearing bulky or heavy. When stained and left to show the natural grain of the wood they are rich and warm and work well with virtually any color of siding or home as well as with any architectural style.

The Options to Wood Garage Doors

There are three options to consider other than wood garage doors. All have their positive aspects as well as some potentially problematic issues to consider. Steel is the most common type of garage door sold today. It is the door most often found in new homes or used as a replacement door.

Steel doors come in standard sizes, colors and overhead door designs. They offer very limited customization options and will need to be carefully selected for color. In addition, steel doors, when scratched or dented, will eventually rust. They also may not provide top levels of insulation depending on their quality and design.

Aluminum and fiberglass are slightly more costly. Aluminum is the preferred choice in many areas since they are corrosion resistant. However, aluminum doors are easy to dent and damage which can shorten their lifespan. Fiberglass doors are more durable and are typically resistant to damage, but they can also crack and splinter, especially in very cold weather.

The Wood Advantage

As a natural product wood is highly durable and, when properly stained and sealed, is highly resistant to the elements. It must be treated on both the inside and the outside to create a complete protective barrier, but it is equally durable in very hot, cold or wet climates.

In addition wood garage doors can be fully customized to fit any existing or new garage door opening. This allows homeowners to choose not only the style of wood garage doors they prefer but also the size. This is an important consideration for oversized garages as well as for renovating an older home which may have smaller than average openings for the new garage doors.

The benefits of wood garage doors go beyond just fitting the size and shape of space you need. They are also very resistant to damage, including dents and dings, and they can easily be touched up with a bit of stain and sealant to prevent any visible surface damage. This makes these doors a real upgrade for any property.

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