The Basics Of SAP Business ByDesign on HANA

There is a range of different options when it comes to software programs for mid-sized enterprise companies. In the past, multiple software programs may have been required to manage all the data and to perform the necessary tasks of gathering, analyzing and reporting on data.

Now, thanks to fully integrated software packages like SAP ERP options, this can all be done in one software package that can be customized to the individual company. The SAP Business ByDesign on HANA option allows companies to use the cloud, and specifically the SAP HANA platform, to manage all of their data and operations in one intuitive, integrated software system.

A Brief Overview

The SAP Business ByDesign on HANA is an extension of the popular SAP Business ByDesign platform. This provides a basic set of modules and add-ons that are available to customize the experience for different companies and industries. With over 2600 different add-ons, companies can use a pre-set add-on or choose to work with a service provider to tailor add-ons to meet their specific requirements.

The choice of the HANA databases is an upgrade from the older databases the company was using for processing and storage. In addition to upgrades to the databases, the HANA platform also includes new and state-of-the-art processors, allowing the platform to provide seamless service for customers all over the world.

Using SAP Business ByDesign HANA services provides mid-sized to larger companies with a comprehensive, concise and economical way to manage their business. It is designed to provide end-to-end processes, from planning through to production and full management and analysis.

Businesses in different industries can access modules customized for manufacturing, finance, human resources, accounting, marketing, sales, service, and full CRM services. In addition, the SAP Business ByDesign modules also include project management, collaboration and monitoring software, supply chain management, procurement and specialized add-ons for professional services, wholesalers, public sector government, schools, and non-profit organizations.

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