The Benefits of Acquiring an ATU in Maui

It is fair to say that there are few things more important to your home or place of business than making sure that you have a proper waste management and plumbing system in place. That in and of itself is no big revelation. What might be a bit of a surprise is the fact that there are other options available for achieving that end rather than traditional septic tanks. This is often overlooked by homeowners for the simple reason that we don’t tend to think about our septic tanks that much. Even so, if you are looking to replace your old septic tank with something that’s a bit more efficient, you have options.

The best septic tank experts in Maui can advise you as to the advantages of these newer, more efficient means. One of the best examples of this is an ATU.

What are these new waste treatment and plumbing options, and what are their advantages? Here’s what you can expect when ordering an ATU in Maui.

Spotting the Difference

So, what’s the difference between an ATU and traditional septic tanks? The main difference is evident in the full name – Aerobic Treatment Unit. It is that “aerobic” part which is key, indicating the biodegradable way in which sewage is treated. This method can be a more environmentally-friendly way of disposing of sewage. In addition, these units can be more efficient as well as cost effective.

Getting Them Installed

Once you have chosen an ATU, the experts in installing such units in the Maui area will set to work. They will plan the installation around your busy schedule, and can install your new unit faster than any other team in the area.

Upgrade your plumbing and waste management system with the help of Maui’s finest plumbing professionals at Valley Isle Pumping. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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