The Advantage Of A Used Or Refurbished Applied Biosystems Sequencer

In labs and testing facilities around the world, there is an increased demand for the ability to complete genetic sequencing and analysis on a larger scale. This may include both for animal research as well as in the treatment, diagnostic and research fields of human medicine.

One of the most recognized options for a compact, reliable and practical solution to the increasing demands is to add an Applied Biosystems sequencer. There are several models to choose from, with each offering different features, testing parameters, and sequencing capacities.

Adding Used or Refurbished Model

Labs, like any other facility, have to operate effectively and efficiently, while also staying on a tight budget. The dilemma of needing to add capacity without having an unlimited budget can be solved by choosing used or refurbished equipment over new.

Adding a used or refurbished Applied Biosystems sequencer can save up to half of the price of new equipment, without any loss of features, functions, capacity or performance. In fact, the used or refurbished equipment may be one of the latest models, offering the fastest run times and the use of the short capillaries for ultra-rapid read capabilities.

Value-Added Features

There are a number of standard and optional features on the Applied Biosystems sequencer. When buying used or refurbished, buyers can opt for the additional features the original buyer paid to have included in the system. This allows for an upgrade at a reduced price, which is definitely a factor to consider.

To help reduce human error in the processing of samples, a barcode reader is always a feature to consider. All data on the run and the system can be accessed through the software that comes with the system, making it a user-friendly option for busy labs.

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