The Importance of Undergoing Professional EMG Testing in Orlando

The Importance of Undergoing Professional EMG Testing in Orlando

As you get older, you may experience health conditions or injuries that can rob you of your ability to use your senses. You especially may lose the ability to detect touch in some parts of your body.

To find out the extensiveness of this loss, you need to undergo medical procedures that are carried out in a doctor’s office. You can schedule an appointment for EMG testing in Orlando to find out if your condition is severe or can be reversed.

Detecting Neuropathy Damage

If you are a Type II diabetic, you may suffer from neuropathy in your legs, feet, hands and arms. This type of nerve damage may not be able to be reversed. However, with proper medical attention, the neuropathy can be prevented from impacting other parts of of your body.

When you undergo this testing, you can find out if you have neuropathy and what damages that it has already inflicted. Your doctor can also determine how to adjust your medications to prevent you from losing anymore nerve sensitivities elsewhere in your body.

Reversing Nerve Loss

If you suffer from an injury like a fracture, you may have temporary nerve loss. This testing can reveal where it is located and what kinds of treatment is needed to restore your sense of touch.

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