The Most Common Unsanitary Workplace Habits in Beaverton

The Most Common Unsanitary Workplace Habits in Beaverton

It’s never been more important to have a work environment that is as clean and sanitary as possible. There are too many workers in Beaverton who don’t make an effort to be clean and keep their workspace hygienic. Janitorial Services in Beaverton can help clean up, but you need to be able to keep the space clean to protect against viruses and bacteria. Here are some of the most common unsanitary workplace habits.

Sneezing Without Covering
Sneezes should always be covered to prevent disease transmission. Use your elbow, or better yet, make sure that tissues are always nearby to encourage covering up.

Not Washing After Using the Bathroom
Not washing hands after using the washroom can spread germs to surfaces and thus other employees. Janitorial services Beaverton can sanitize surfaces, but in the meantime everyone is at risk of contamination.

Dirty Dishes in the Break Room
Leaving dishes around is more than just annoying. It can start to smell, and it can be an invitation to insects. Nobody wants to work in a place that has a pest infestation, so it’s important for workers to clean their dishes immediately after they use them.

Overflowing Trash Bins
Trash bins that haven’t been emptied can create the same problems that dirty dishes can. They can smell and attract pests. Empty them regularly to keep workspaces tidy and prevent unpleasant smells and pest infestation. They also look terrible for people who might be visiting your workplace.

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