Treating Acne with Blue Light – Dermatology in Fairfax County VA

Some people are allergic to acne medications, including salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. For such people natural treatment like blue light is a best solution. Even though, in dermatologymedications are preferred, but still many doctors are using blue light in various areas includingFairfax County VA. This process provides the same treatment as done by a topical method.

The light can kill bacteria causing acne, and without any side effects it can be continued for some time to keep the condition in control. Some people say that it contains ultra violet rays, but this is wrong. As UV light can harm the skin, so there is no point of using it as an acne treatment. So looking at this fact, light therapy has no side effects; hence it can be used along with other methods.

Many doctors provide this service as a part of the topical therapy, and initially 8 sittings are required consisting on four weeks, whereas it takes 15 to 20 minutes. After the cure, the process is continued for 2 more weeks to keep fit. The only side effects noted include swelling or dryness. Alone this treatment provides 55 percent results, but if combined with another treatment the result will be long lasting. It removes clogged pores, and also exfoliates, that’s why in dermatologyit is getting popular. If you need a light therapy, you can find many specialists inFairfax County VAinthis regard.

Light therapy can be provided on a clean skin without any sunscreen, but in some instances it can be done on a face with makeup. However, eyes should be protected as light may irritate the eyes resulting redness or itching. The patient should get some knowledge before making a decision, and the doctor should guide the person in this regard. The treatment is not costly as it’s included in a regular acne treatment.

However, not all the dermatologists offer this service, as it depends on the expertise and interest of a doctor and how well equipped the clinic is. But, if a specialist also hires a trained person, or gets training to do light therapy, he or she can attract more clients, as everybody wants natural treatment with no side effects. This is especially true about those who don’t love the idea of taking antibiotics. Moreover, this treatment does not support insurance policy.

Light therapy is not effective for cyst type acne, and it can only cure inflammatory acne. Cystic acne is cured by applying aminolevulinic acid, moreover it’s called photodynamic therapy or PDT, and it reduces oil glands that cause acne. PDT needs 3 or 5 sittings to get effective and these sittings should be one month apart. Only a doctor can prescribe what is right for the patient, as this is what he or she learns in dermatology. At Tamjidi Skin Institute, our goal is to keep your skin looking its best.

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